Case Study

Physical Examination Center

2020 Apr., Health Center A, Taipei City, Taiwan
Anchor: 95 pcs, Tag: 135 pcs
1. Grasp the current location of the people, monitoring critical area
2. Automatic assignment of purpose and navigation
3. Push button to call staff


Performance Improved


Raise Customer Satisfaction

With the rise of people’s health awareness, arranging health screening in medical examination center is common in modern society, and the subsequent impact is to make the health examination industry flourish. With more and more competitors in the market, in addition to basic checkup items, how to segment the market to attract customers has become extremely important for every medical examination center.

However, while the customer is increasing, they face the problem that their manpower is gradually insufficient, and the cost of management is rising. After implementing the ARTEMIS solution in the center, they were glad to see that ARTEMIS can solve their problem.

Real time Tracking 1

Real time Tracking

The first problem faced by the center is the inability to real-time locates the customers.

Usually, one nurse must manage multiple customers.however, when the number of customers increases, customers will be scattered in various locations in the center, nurses cannot grasp the location of multiple customers at the same time, they must spend more time and face more pressure.

ARTEMIS provides real-time track and trace abilities, that can help the nurse to locate the target customers in time and track the location on the panel pc with a flat map.

Manage Tracking Objects

Manage Tracking Objects

Every customer will receive a tag after check-in for the scheduling healthcare check up, so the tag can represent customers in our platform.

Also, the name and type of each tag can be altered, the nurse can real-time check the targets’ names on the map.

Avoid spending time checking the name and looking at the target.

Historical Track Tracing Analysis

Historical Track & Tracing Analysis

When the center’s manager likes to improve the process of examination, they usually rely on the manager’s intuition and experience to judge.

However, this is not a very effective method. We believe that non-data-based statistics and collation are always unable to achieve the best benefits.

ARTEMIS’s system offers an interface for the user to review the historical trace for every tag. It allows users to see the route more clearly and helps users to judge where is the hot spot.It can avoid customer crowding in the process and increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

Healcare Scheduling

Healcare Scheduling

The last problem they face is that the center is difficult to integrate other system.And the healthcare schedule system is the significant function to help the center more efficiency. However, when the center wants to introduce new independent system immediately, switching will be very troublesome and inefficient. This issue means that the system needs to be integrated, it needs an interface to convert the scheduling system.

So, it is one of the reasons that why the center chooses ARTEMIS because we offer API integration, which can easily integrate with the existing system.Overall it reduce troublesome and time on switching system.

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