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Layout Evaluation Tool

Layout Evaluation Tool


STEP 1. Up load a map(File format: JPG/PNG/BMP, size and transparency need to be set. No resizing if it is OSM.)

STEP 2. Click the left mouse button to add an anchor point, it can also be dragged. Set the reachable radius/color of the Anchor signal.

STEP 3. Set the color and distribution of the intersection, If it is green as shown in the picture below, it means that the three Anchor signals can reach the intersection area.


STEP 1. 上傳地圖 (檔案格式: JPG/PNG/BMP,需設定尺寸與透明度,若上傳OSM則不需調整尺寸)

STEP 2. 左鍵點選畫面新增Anchor點位,亦可拖曳,設定Anchor訊號可達半徑/顏色

STEP 3. 設定交集的顏色與分布,如下圖呈現綠色,表示3顆Anchor訊號可達交集區域

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