RENITY ARTEMIS can help you create a safer and more efficient workplace in nursing homes, health management centers, and hospitals. Locate, track, analyze, and view your workplace from a new perspective. Things that were out of your control in the past can now be presented to you as data.

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RENITY ARTEMIS Platform’s Architecture

Alternative Text: The RENITY ARTEMIS RTLS Platform’s Architecture


Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Prevent lost, stolen or and misplaced assets and, make sure they are available when needed.

Senior Residents Safety

Improve care, monitor and ensure the safety of senior residents

  • Collect and analyze data and track changes in their activities for more proactive care
  • ​Facility staff can keep track of their activities and receive alerts when there are major changes to their routine
Patient Safety

Patient Flow and Safety

  • Automatically give patients access to sealed wards
  • Notify staff when patients are available for scheduled tests and appointments
  • Track patients as they head from their room to surgery
  • Receive automated alerts when patients are need help and Quickly identify open beds for incoming patients​


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