Artemis Portal

Artemis Portal

Artemis Portal


Artemis Portal is an all-in-one software solution for the smooth installation, deployment, maintenance, and control of a real-time location system for indoor tracking.

Highlight Features

  • Map Management
  • Realtime Map
  • CCP Map
  • Device Management
  • Notification & Tracking
  • Swagger API

Using Artemis Portal, you can conveniently deploy and manage the entire RTLS platform.

Map Mangment

Map Management

Artemis Portal supports up to 10 different maps / floors / areas,  you can switch one anytime.

It is not only accept osm file, but also png, jpg or bmp file.

gives users setting/adjusting the placement and parameters of each anchor.

Realtime Map

Realtime Map

Realtime Map is a real-time visualization interface that gives you a real-time overview of all the processes that are taking place at your facility.

The map can be zoomed in/out and support multi-map, floor or area.

Signal Analysis

Signal Analysis

Signal Analysis will show the synchronization quality between Master and slave anchors There are three levels to show sync quality.

If some line is not green, you will need to check line of sight visibility to master anchor, check whether distance to master anchor is not too big. You can also try to select different master or setup different relation.

Green = Good / Orang = Fair / Red = Weak

Device Managment

Device Management

Anchor page list all information of each anchor, which including online/offline, map group, anchor ID, IP address.

Tag page list all information of each tag, which including battery status, ID, Type and monitor item.


Notification & Tracking

Artemis Portal offers various Geofencing / Dwell / Patrol / Loss / Prevention. The location-based service intensively enhancing the Artemis Portal by powerful capabilities as the notification trigger based on the object real-time position.

Using Artemis Portal, you can conveniently deploy and manage the entire RTLS platform.


Swagger API

Most comprehensive interface for managing data within Realtime locating system. Base on HTTP/GET/PATCH/PUT/POST/DELETE request. Artemis provide interactive swagger documentation with many examples. Authentication via API.

Swagger is a powerful yet easy-to-use suite of API developer tools for teams and individuals, enabling development across the entire API lifecycle, from design and documentation, to test and deployment.

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